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About Us

Escobar Realty Group, LLC. is the #1 Team for Fairfax Realty, Inc. Our elite team of real estate agents utilize their collective experiences to conduct and guide each client every step of the way in the home buying and selling process. Our group has just one goal... "to set a higher standard of customer service to our clientele." We want to be the primary resource for all of your home ownership needs. We strive everyday to put ourselves “in our client’s shoes.” We are the group that will go the extra mile to ensure the best for our clientele.

Through our dedication to excellence with all of our clientele as well as our extensive knowledge of the entire real estate transaction process, the Escobar Realty Group strives and succeeds with their efficiency to provide you with the professional service you deserve.

Most real estate professionals are individuals who process the sale, listing and the closing transaction single-handedly without any administrative or team support. However, the Escobar Realty Group collectively has over twenty-five years of real estate and sales/marketing experience working behind-the-scenes on every transaction we handle.

We became the #1 sales team in our company for one reason--we truly care about the 'wants, needs and goals' of our clients. Since the group’s inception, the golden rule, “Treat others how you would want to be treated,” has been our guide and we want to be that resource, that guide, that friend that will help you get that home you have been dreaming about.

Here are a few things you can expect from the Escobar Realty Group:


-          Offer a practical approach with consistent, genuine and friendly service in representing our clients’ interests;

-          Provide a step by step analysis for your home buying and selling needs;

-          Guide you through the financial qualification process every step of the way;

-          Negotiate every means necessary for closing costs, home repairs and the best price for the home;

-     Expose you to available homes in those neighborhoods by searching and screening the inventory in the    Multiple Listing Service (MLS) against your targeted search criteria;

-     Provide a professional opinion and documentation on the value of the home;

-     Give insight on each home shown on how to bring out the most value from the home; and

-     Be your advocate throughout the home buying and closing process.

And from there we are just getting started…

Let us be your guide to the door of your dreams. Get all of your questions answered by contacting us today!